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    Natalia Herrera

    Natalia @ Lifeworks

    Lifeworks is an organization for homeless youth for this event I had to make mandala bracelets for an inspiring teenager to promote the mission .

    Gave 1.30 hours on 04/01/2016 with ULN '17, University Leadership Network

    This Impact is private

    This Impact is private

    Natalia Herrera

    Natalia @ HHPO- Nursing home bingo night

    I went to a nursing home and played bingo with elders, it was a very pleasant and nice experience.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 03/25/2016 with ULN '17, University Leadership Network
    DSACT Speech Program
    DSACT Speech Program

    This event was a very beautiful experience, working with children with down syndrome opened up my eyes to a different world and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 02/20/2016 with University Leadership Network, ULN '17

    This Impact is private

    ULN End of the Year Community Service Holiday Event

    This volunteer event was a very great opportunity to help those in need. I'm glad I took the time to attend because not only did it serve me as required volunteer hours, but also allowed me to make a small difference in another individual's day.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 12/08/2015 with ULN '17
    Holiday Heroes Project

    This event was a very heart warming experience because we were able to show our troops that there's people that really appreciate all they do and I got to interact and bond with my mentees.

    Gave 2.50 hours on 12/09/2014 with The University of Texas at Austin
    Volunteer at the Food Bank!

    In this event I got to go with my mentees to Barton Creek mall to unbuild structures made by cans and sort and pack them and get them ready to be shipped. It was very fun.

    Gave 2.50 hours on 11/23/2014 with The University of Texas at Austin, University Leadership Network