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Self-guided litter cleanups give you an opportunity to get out and explore over 60 miles of trail and 50 parks across Fayetteville while accommodating your school schedule and helping to Keep Fayetteville Beautiful! If you need volunteer hours and are looking for a chance to get outside, explore and make an impact, a park, trail, or street cleanup is a quick and fun way to make a difference.  If your group wants to make a long-term impact, adopting a spot through the Adopt-A-Park or Trail program is also available.  We will also notify you of bigger cleanups that happen throughout the year.  Once you are registered on this page, please see details below for setting up your cleanup!

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Steps to do a Self Guided Cleanup: 

Volunteers signing up for this opportunity help by picking up outdoor litter in our public spaces.  Please note that you may sign up for a maximum of 4 hours in one day.  Once you have registered to volunteer through Givepulse and you are ready to do a self-guided cleanup, please follow these steps:

  1. Message us with a time and a proposed spot where you would like to clean up. (We are happy to help you pick one!) Please give us at least 2 business-days notice to respond. We do not currently need cleanups at WILSON PARK, GULLEY PARK, or FRISCO TRAIL between Dickson and Wilson Park.  We DO currently need help around major streets near campus (Garland, Razorback, 15th, Lafayette, Maple etc) and parking areas.
  2. Let us know if you need bags/gloves and how many. (These may be picked up at the Parks office.)
  3. We will write back and confirm the cleanup spot and your supply pickup time.
  4. Volunteer by picking up litter in a Fayetteville park, trail, street or stream.
  5. Record your impact: You MUST fill in all of the impact questions (or communicate them via messaging) in order to have your impact verified and to receive credit for your volunteering.
    1) For your hours to count you will need to include a minimum of two pictures; a picture of your group volunteering at the beginning, & one of you with the litter collected at the end.
    2) Provide a brief written description of the cleanup location, volunteering performed, and #bags collected. If all of steps 4 & 5 are completed we will verify your impact.

We understand that students are busy and have tight schedules, and in response we have set up an opportunity for you to give back to the community while trying to accommodate your schedules.  Since we are not with you during the service performed to verify your hours volunteered, your pictures and impact questions assist in this. We appreciate your honesty in only recording hours that you have volunteered to help take care of our outdoors and improve the community. 

Sunshine, fresh air, keeping our parks, trails, creeks and streets clean, giving back to the community, volunteer credit, resume building.
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Supply Pickup: We are happy to provide bags and gloves for your cleanup! Please message us with a few-days notice of how many people will be volunteering; we will email back to confirm a date/time for you to pick up supplies. Our office ours are M-F, 8 - 5, and we are located at 1455 S. Happy Hollow Road. Your supplies will be placed outside the building, next to the front office door with your name on them.
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