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Service Learning for Universities, Colleges and K-12

Pushing the boundaries of Engaged Scholarship & Research

Curate & Create Opportunities

Select, create and/or filter opportunities for your group, department and class. You may even collaborate with community partners to finalize on the details of the experiences.

Class Roster & Engaged Community Database

Enable us to integrate with your Course & Class Roster system so we can streamline and centralize all data for you to determine student success. And let us bring together all students, faculty, staff and partners.

Manage and Verify Impacts

Allow individuals in your community to track impacts (which include hours and additional outputs).

Manage and Review Reflections/Outputs

Review the collection of reflections and various outputs you requested for students to provide and drive a discussion towards understanding student success

Create classes & Oversee all groups

Automate the creation of SL or CBLR courses every semester. And enable us to help you centralize all the service data for research groups, student clubs and individuals.

Assessment with Custom Fields, Surveys & Forms

Customize what feedback, questions and reflections you want your students to respond to per experience or a few times in the semester.

Important individuals for the Service Learning Platform

Service Learning Center & Administrators

Service Learning Centers and administrators work with us to build a community for students to volunteer in their local community, learn through service, identify pressing needs of the community, and most importantly understand and reflect on the service experiences

Community Partners & Agencies

Non-profits, businesses and associations join our network to enable them to build long-term and short-term relationships with universities, colleges, schools et al. In addition, all partners are able to take advantage of our free volunteer management, database, and scheduling platform to streamline and enhance the student, faculty and staff experience.

Professors & Educators

Professors and Educators work with us to provide students a single platform with filtered service opportunities, or a broad array of choices, an easy way to assess student learning through surveys, tracking of hours (impacts) and abilities review and continue the dialogue on the reflections