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Races like 5k runs and marathons

Manage your Race and Run volunteers with GivePulse

Create Events and Shifts

Create multiple shifts in many different locations in different times for packet pickups, registration, floaters and waterstops

Registration Confirmations and Notifications

All events and shifts have automatic reminders 7 days, 54 hours and 24 hours prior to the event.

Communication & Messaging Platform

Message specific volunteers, or communicate with all in a shift, event or the group

Check Individual or Group Volunteers in Digitally

Digitally check in volunteers on your laptop or mobile device (GivePulse is mobile-friendly and have a downloadable app via iOS)

Enable Group Reservation & Database

Have a database to manage all groups that volunteer with you and reserve specific amount of spots in the shifts where they will only have access to registering

Custom Fields and Inputs

Collect t-shirt sizes, cellphone numbers, add liability forms and additional information so that you have all the information about your volunteers

Races and Runs are Using us

5k, 10k

5k's like ColorMeRad and all Life Time Fitness Events use us for volunteer management and scheduling

Marathons, Triathalons & Half Marathons

No matter the size of the run, marathons and runs of all types use us for volunteer recruitment, management and scheduling