Races like 5k runs and marathons

Races and runs work with us to streamline management, recruitment and scheduling of individual and large group volunteers

Life Time Fitness Events has worked with GivePulse as a partner across it's network of events across the nation. We are excited to scale and continue to innovate with them as our portfolio of marathons, triathlons, races and runs grow. Most importantly, we oversee thousands of volunteers, the customer service is great, and they have adjusted the system to fit my needs.

Sarah Nadler, Lifetime Fitness Events

Recruitment & Mobile Sign-in

Have one place to recruit, organize and manage attendees and volunteers

  • List to promote
    Set up the event to promote it through social media and allow people to register
  • Database
    Have a database to organize and track all the data relevant for your reporting
  • Mobile Sign-in
    Admins and group leaders can download the iOS and Android app to sign people in on the go to track attendance


Set up registration and signups to schedule individuals and groups into the different shifts

  • Individual & Group Sign Up, Reservations
    Allow individuals and large groups to select one or many shifts to rsvp or bulk reserve spots for groups to fill out the details over time
  • Liability Waivers
    Upon signing up to the event, individuals can agree to the liability waivers you require, large groups can request the leader and participants to individually agree to the waiver
  • Grants
    When defining the partnership with group of individuals who will volunteer with your race, you can set up grant requirements and track them here in gratitude for their support

Race Setup

Sell tickets and manage all the people who plan to attend

  • Ticketing
    For attendees to your race, you can sell tickets to individuals or large groups, at the same time manage volunteers and track those who have volunteered before would like to race with you this time around
  • Manage
    Review who has bought a ticket, determine if you want to refund certain individuals and have a dashboard to oversee all the data
  • Lowest Industry Transaction
    We use the industry's lowest payment transaction rate of 1% (+ credit card fees, in total an average of 1.5% effective rate since most race attendees will want to absorb the cost)

Volunteer Preparation

It's imperative that all volunteers, donors and individuals who anticipate interacting with others either physically distance themselves or ensure that they are healthy, capable and willing. Individuals who meet these health requirements can get involved now here.

  • Wash Hands and Be Clean
    The CDC recommends that you wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, particularly after sneezing or coughing, when caring for the sick, before, after, and during food preparation, before eating, after use of toilets, when hands are visibly dirty, and after handling animals. Washing hands often and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) will help to prevent the spread of the virus, both to yourself and others. Avoid touching your face. If you cannot wash your hands, frequently use an alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizer.
  • Cover Coughs and Sneezes
    Always cover your coughs and sneezes with your inner elbow or a tissue (if into a tissue, please dispose immediately and wash your hands). Droplets can spread the virus; good respiratory hygiene helps to protect those around you from the potential spread of the virus. This is particularly true given that droplets can remain on surfaces long after you have left, leaving all those who come into contact vulnerable.
  • Physical (also known as Social) Distancing
    Maintaining six feet of physical distance can prevent the spread of virus, as this is how far droplets travel after a cough or a sneeze. Physical distance can protect you and those around you alike. Note: while this has been referred to as social distancing, increasingly the term physical distancing is being preferred, as social connection is of particular importance at this time.

Making a center, workspace and activity safe, clean and welcoming

It's imperative that all centers, programs and initiatives have procedures and ongoing tasks in place to protect the health and safety of volunteers, donors, clients and members of the community. Coordinators and admins who are prepared can publish or list opportunities for virtual experiences or the COVID-19 option here.

  • Wipe Down Center
    It is uncertain how long coronavirus can last on surfaces (for this and other information, see the WHO FAQs: https://www.who.int/en/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public). In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus for those in your center, wipe it down with alcohol-based disinfectants both before and after it is in use. If you are using a tablet for volunteer check-in, make sure to sanitize it regularly. If volunteers or employees are using shared computers or tools, make sure they wash their hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, and wipe down their stations before and after use as well.
  • Tools & Supplies Clean-up
    It is also recommended the organization ensures all tools (laptops, tablets, phones, supplies and stationary) be wiped or cleaned per usage or activity. At the same time, individuals and groups who are committed to a program or activity should double check their workspace and tools are cleaned to protect their own safety and health.
  • Provide Disinfectant Wipes and Hand Sanitizing Solutions
    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are almost as effective as hand-washing (although we always recommend that volunteers, employees, and clients wash their hands for at least 20 seconds as often as possible). Provide this to anyone engaging in your organization’s space to avoid transmission of the virus. In addition, provide disinfectant wipes so that any droplets containing the virus can be removed before individuals touch surfaces.