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Vision Mission Statement
Compassion Fayetteville (Arkansas) is an initiative developed from the Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council's Inclusion Group, is a cooperative effort by a group of citizens who are volunteering their time to increase awareness, encourage, and promote a culture of compassion through identifying, supporting and initiating new compassionate actions in Fayetteville. All individuals, groups and organizations are welcome to participate.
To advocate compassion in our community to enhance the quality of life for all.
Vision: To cultivate compassion in ourselves, our community and our world.
Our Values: CARES: Connection, Awareness, Respect, Empathy, Service
Fayetteville is one of growing number of cities that have received the designation of International Compassionate City by Compassionate Action Network International. (CANI) is a worldwide network founded on and inspired by the Charter for Compassion, a document that transcends religious, ideological, and cultural differences.
For more information checkout our website at: Web:   or    Facebook: CompassionFayetteville
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