President's Interfaith Service Challenge


Objective: To assist universities to discern one of the most pressing challenges for the 21st century: creating the mechanisms and tools to have different religions and cultures cooperating and working together for the common good.

Specific Objectives for St. Edward's University:
1. To cultivate a sustainable campus ecology of interfaith and inter-cultural cooperation.
2. To establish collaborative partnerships between diverse campus and local community partners to tackle the various issues and forms of displacement.
3. To engage the university community in collectively addressing challenges together, specifically the issue of displacement, building a unique collaborative environment that makes social networks and social capital stronger.4. To contribute to the global preparedness goal of 2015 by providing our students opportunities to reflect on displacement and migration movements, accelerated in an increasingly interconnected world.

University Theme: Displacement, Migration and Refugees
• The scope understands the movement of people as the result of natural disasters as well as the consequence of conflicts between countries or different ethnicities, religions or cultures.
• While many people choose to cross borders for various reasons, it is recognized that borders cross people as well, regardless of their economic, social, religious, or cultural background.
• The women and men of the Congregation of Holy Cross have lived a history of displacement crossing economic, cultural, political and religious borders, making a home “among more than one people or culture” (Constitution 2).
• St. Edward’s was founded to serve students displaced by the educational system due to their race and background. Committed to the “dignity of the human person,” the institution continues this mission both with our students and the University’s commitment to the global community.
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