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Fernanda Galo
Professor Burke
Hono 1100.3
Give Pulse Promp 2
Septerber 15, 2020
My first session went great. When my time with my reading buddy began, I started asking questions to him about his school life. One idea that I came up with was that he was going to come up with anything that started with the letter I choose. He did great at that game. I believe that the mini-game worked because he was answering and smiling at the same time. Seeing him happy made me feel good about what I was doing. After doing that mini-game we proceed to the reading section. Both of us read, and he did a great job reading. I did not use any of the strategies from my previous training because I used to work with older kids. As I said before, I came up with the mini-game that made us feel comfortable to proceed to the next section of the meeting. I am feeling very excited and very confident because I know that we will all make a really good connection very soon. Yes, it was hard at the beginning since he didn’ talk a lot. When I was asking questions he just answered them, but with the game, it seemed like he became more comfortable with me. We both enjoyed reading together. Yes, there were some moments that he didn’t feel like reading so I read. While I was reading, I was reading with a lot of enthusiasm so he can feel like interacting with me. Which it worked really well. There were some sections of our reading where he read after me, he repeated each word I said and just how I said it. I also explained to him a few words that he didn’t know the meaning of. To be the first session I believe it went great.
Solena Ornelas
September 4, 2020
Hono 1100.1
Give Pulse Prompt 1
After the first two weeks of emerging myself within the atmosphere of what reading buddies will be,  I am very optimistic for the project and rest of the semester. I am so ecstatic to build a relationship with younger people. I think that meeting and building new relationships with younger children will allow me to gain a new perspective. Moreover, I think covid has significantly impacted access to technology, especially within lower income communities. Commonly, throughout the US, lower income communities are primarily populated by minorities. Furthermore, online learning  disproportionately negatively affects people of color as lower income households often do not have access to the proper tools necessary for remote learning. Personally, I think the coronavirus pandemic has ultimately negatively impacted almost everyone, although the minority population has endured significant negative repercussions from the current health crisis. I can not wait to meet my reading buddy, as I  know we will be able to have a positive influence on eachother.
Fernanda Galo
Professor Burke
Effective communication 1100.3
Reading buddies

Good morning,
I feel so happy and excited because it is the beginning of something amazing. I know it will be a long journey due to COVID sheltering because it is not going to be the same as in the past years. Technology will be an enormous influence on this program as well as for the staff. It will be hard to make connections with withreading partners. It is hard to stare at a screen for hours and not do anything fun during your day. Yes, technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for staff to create instructional materials to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together. Sadly, all the staff in this program would love to use technology to entertain our reading buddies a few minutes before reading again. In-person, we would use technology as a tool to get our heads out of reading for a moment, for the students to think outside the box, and for them to use their creativity. On this occasion due to our current event, technology will be our main tool to communicate and to entertain ourselves at the same time. COVID is the main influencer at this moment, due to this we cannot interact in person which is more fun. Still, we as the adult will try more than our best to make connections with our reading buddies and to make them feel that we care about them and that we are excited to start a new adventure with them. At this moment, nothing else matters more than give our reading buddies the love and respect they all deserve from us. They will be opening their hearts to us, and we should let them see that we are here to stay with them in every step of their life. I am so happy, and excited to start and to meet incredible people. I know for a fact that I will be learning with them. We will not only teach, but we will also learn to be better human beings because of our reading buddies.