Nourishing Hands Inc.



We are a registered non-profit serving Clarkston and South Dekalb communities. 

Our Mission: To ensure the necessary nutrients, resources, and opportunities required to cultivate the whole person cognitively, physically, and socially are available to immigrant and underrepresented families regardless of socioeconomic status.

Our purpose:
Nourishing Hands Inc. empowers and restores individuals and communities by connecting people to resources and opportunities.

Our organization seeks to address social issues by providing services in five areas:
Nutrition-serving healthy plant-based supper meals and delivering them to local afterschool programs that we have partnered with.
Education- Provide college prep classes, applications, and campus visits for rising seniors and juniors. We also provide skill-based tutoring services to students in our partner's afterschool program.
Employment- Provided employment opportunities for high school students ages 10-12 and young adults up to age 25.
Finance- Through partnerships, with banks and other entities, we provide financial literacy classes for community members and internships for the high school students.
Social Enrichment-we provide extracurricular activities for young children. Most of these efforts are done through partnerships with other entities.

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