Drive a Senior Network



Last year more than 20,000 of your central Texas friends and neighbors found themselves in need of a lift: People like your Mom, making a weekly grocery trip, or your great Uncle Ralph, for his physical therapy; or Aunt Edith, wanting to join her friends for Canasta. People like the lady up the block that wants to visit her husband in the nursing home. Folks with places to go and people to see. What they have in common is they can no longer drive.

That’s why we formed the Drive a Senior network. We connect Austin area volunteer drivers with seniors who live nearby and who choose to continue living independently. And we expect 3,000 more of our fellow citizens to need our services in the coming year. So whether you’re feeling charitable or “paying it forward” … or just have a gap on Thursdays between carpool and soccer practice, we’d appreciate your help.  Drive once a month or three times a week- whatever works best for YOUR schedule! Help our Seniors keep living their life!

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