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Festivals, Conferences and Events of all sizes

GivePulse Works With You to Run Your Event More Efficiently

Create Events and Shifts

Create multiple shifts in different times for packet pickups, registration, and floaters

Registration Confirmations and Notifications

All events and shifts have automatic reminders 7 days, 54 hours and 24 hours prior to the event.

Manage Registrations and Communicate

Stay connected with your volunteers in a shift, event or the whole group

Check Volunteers in Digitally

Volunteers can be checked in on a laptop or mobile device (we support iOS)

Track Volunteer Hours

Manage all hours and reward badges or perks

Custom fields

Collect t-shirt sizes, phone numbers and any additional information needed

Festivals, Conferences and Events are Working with Us


Festivals like Fantastic Fest use us for volunteer management and scheduling

Conferences & Events

No matter the size, festivals, conferences and events of all types work with us for volunteer recruitment, management and scheduling.