Morning Shift 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Friday, February 23rd, 2024 from 9:00am to 12:00pm (ET)


Our main focus is packing (providing programs with pre-packed bags that can be handed out drive-thru style) and produce sorting. There may be additional tasks if all orders are filled and items sorted. 

You will not be able to register if this event is full, please look ahead a week or so to find a timeslot that is open and fits with your schedule. We plan out projects based upon the number of registered volunteers-do not just show up. There are some days that do not show a shift available at all-this is usually due to a group being booked or meetings being held in the Community Room. We are so grateful for the support of our volunteers and if you have difficulty finding a time/shift that fits your schedule, please give us a call-we would be happy to help.

Please note: if you are a student PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL!!! if you don't, you could be creating duplicate accounts and will not see all of your impacts on 1 account! If you think you might already have multiple accounts because of this- Please contact GivePulse admin to have your accounts merged- we can not do that for you.

Contact or call 765-287-8698 for help with registration and to register minors AND GROUPS. Minors should not be registered on-line and will need a paper waiver with parent/legal guardian information/signature. If you would like to book a time for your family or group to come in, please call.

Requirement Details
  • Volunteers must wear sturdy closed toed shoes (no crocs, sandals or flip flops).
  • Volunteers need to dress comfortably and appropriately for warehouse type work with food products (shorts & skirts should be of a length to not interfere with your ability to bend and/or reach, no midriff/belly exposed, no spaghetti straps or tank tops).
  • Volunteers will often need to wear gloves and change them as needed (non-latex gloves available).
  • We ask that you wrap up the task you are working on about 10 min. before you need to leave and help with clean up as well as sanitize your area.
  • No volunteers should come if they are ill-there are thousands of people relying on us to provide additional resources-do not come if you are ill or have symptoms of an illness.
  • Please cancel 24 hours in advance (unless ill, then you are welcome to call us and let us know if you are able to do so)
The biggest perk of being a part of our work is realizing that you are helping thousands of people across our 8 county service area- we couldn't do what we do without you!
Parking Details
When you pull into the lot, go “in-between” the two industrial buildings. Continue to drive down the "alley" until you come into another parking area. Keep going. Our "Front" door is all the way in the back by the flag pole and under the green awning.
Sustainable Development Goals
8 Positions Filled | 9 Impacts | 19 Hours

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