International Workforce Cooperative (IWC)

Monday, January 15th, 2024 from 7:00am to Monday, January 20th, 2025 11:00pm (PT)


Milestone Decisions' unique and ever-growing, staff-recruitment program, known as our "International Workforce Cooperative" (IWC) is centered on outreach that extends beyond US borders. Our program is primarily focused on individuals living in Visa-Waiving countries (like the Marshall Islands), due to the unfortunate, complex processes that many living internationally must endure, before becoming eligible for US employment/residency. We fully intend and hope to extend our IWC to everyone in the near future.

Our IWC was created for many reasons - it's a perfect opportunity for our community to connect endlessly with diverse populations & cultures, learning and sharing new ways of communicating, living and caring, while working together for the greater good. 

To those interested & qualified for our "Direct Support Professional" (DSP) position, Milestone is providing free travel/flights to the US, in addition to temporary shared-housing at our IWC Residential Facility, located in Moscow, Idaho. In exchange for these and many other, unique benefits, IWC employees agree to fulfill all the terms of the program (IWC), including the agreed-upon, full-time employment for 1 year (minimum). IWC applicants will have the chance to bring their immediate family members with them, at no *immediate-cost. Upon arrival to the area, designated team-members will meet the individual(s) at the airport and take them to wherever needed, before heading to the shared-housing here. We help orient the individual(s) to more of the area and allow them to settle in, comfortably, before beginning their job-onboarding.

*Milestone agrees to initially, cover all flight expenses for immediate family members, whom are not IWC-Applicants (as part of a no-interest loan/payment plan) - in addition to receiving FREE temporary housing for up to 6 months (as part of their contractual agreement)

More information is available, per our "IWC-Advertisement" (attached, below). Please reach out to our Team Advocate, Thea Fuhs, at or (208)669-0970, if you or someone you know may be interested in joining our IWC. Thank you! Kommol tata!

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Background check, Fingerprinting, Training, Other
Rent-free, shared housing/living for 6 months, $2000 Sign-On Bonus, hands-on training with certified, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and ongoing opportunities to earn certifications, such as CPR-Certification, MANDT-Certification, Med-Certification, etc. - in addition to many other employee-benefits (all in exchange for 1 continuous year of full-time employment at Milestone).
*see IWC Ad for more details
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Project Plan

Milestone Decisions is in the midst of a fascinating, new staff-recruitment program, our "International Workforce Cooperative" ("IWC") based on international outreach, particularly people living in the Marshall Islands, a visa-waiving country. Waiving a visa greatly simplifies an otherwise expensive, time-consuming & complicated process, which a majority of international applicants must experience to become eligible for US employment, residency, etc.
Milestone has created IWC for many reasons, one being the national labor shortage, and another being that it's a perfect opportunity for Milestone to connect with many diverse demographics & cultural groups, share new learning & communicative methods and work together for the greater good.
To those who are interested & qualify, Milestone is providing free airline travel/flights to the US, free temporary housing in Moscow, "Welcome-gift baskets" with all the basic essentials and misc. items, in agreeance to the IWC terms & fulfillment of full-time employment with us. Upon arrival to the US, our team will be readily available to meet Marshallese individuals at the airport, take them to anywhere needed and eventually, settle in at the provided housing, while helping orient them to the local area. IWC applicants will also have the chance to bring their immediate family members with them at no *immediate-cost (*covering all travel/flight expenses for those ineligible/non-applicants, as part of a no-interest loan/payment plan with Milestone) - in addition to receiving FREE temporary housing, for the duration of the related IWC applicant's stay, as part of their contractual agreement. More information can be found by contacting our Team Advocate, Thea Fuhs, by email: