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Social Responsibility Platform for Businesses

You Can Do These Things With a Social Responsibility Platform

Curate Opportunities

Select, create and/or filter opportunities for your group, department and class

Reporting & Insights

Insights and reporting specific initiatives, projects and efforts

Manage Service Hours

Allow employees to track their hours in one place for you to view them and label them for specific initiatives (.e.g, CRA)

Branded Experience

Use white-label and brand your portal. You can have your own logo on the left top of the page, and have priority to arrange the page.

Unified Team Experience

Define and oversee a unified company goal to engage with the community

Peer-to-Peer Philanthropy

Set goals to volunteer and donate together as a team

The Social Responsibility Platform Helps with

Corporate Social Responsibility

Align your company's mission and goals to help your community

Community Reinvestment Act

Businesses that need to organize and manage their CRA initiatives will be in good hands

Employee Volunteer Platform

Choose specific causes and opportunities you would like your employees to be involved with. Employees are then able to track, reflect, promote and share their community work.

Philanthropy Platform

Select specific causes and Non-Profits that you would like to pool donations for and enable employees to directly donate to.