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Collect and Centralize all data from Surveys, Pre and Post Assessments

Survey & Assessments

Survey and assess Faculty, Staff, Students and Community Partners

Quantitative & Qualitative

Capture quantitative and qualitative data about experiences and work done

Analyze: Sort, Filter and Search

Analyze the unnormalized and/or normalized data for descriptive or inferential statistics

Controlling Assessment Prompts

Determining when to prompt assessments (beginning or semester, at the end of the semester, after an event etc.,)


Review aggregated data on specific groups, departments and individuals with your rubrics


Generate reusable templates to be used across multiple/specific departments, programs or clubs

Institutions Leverage us to Centralize all Assessment

Programs & Departments

Enable specific programs have its own abilities to capture data and run assessments

Rolling up all assessment

Assessment in specific classes, projects, events and programs are centralized and rolled up

Aggregating Assessments

Review all assessments or narrow it down per group, per program, per individual.